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Dead America Podcast - The Tall Poppy Syndrome

Doug Garland
Doug Garland
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Dead America Podcast - The Tall Poppy Syndrome
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Ed Watters is the host of the Dead America Podcast. He is on the older side of the ledger as am I and from the Pacific Northwest. Watters is very mellow making conversation easy and lengthy.

Some might say the podcast at 1 hour 2o minutes is a little long on the tooth. That may be true but it contained all my current thinking and concepts on TPS at the time (one year ago).

If one Googles TPS, a singular concept may have been mentioned by a notable and is parroted by others. The metaphor is anything but simple and singular. Their tale is more about the storyteller than the story. Whenever authors use envy-jealousy interchangeably or do not differentiate between public and private TPS, you can move on because they do not understand the fundamentals and your knowledge will not increase.

If you do not have much leisure time but desire to review a couple of basic concept blogs try: Anatomy of the Tall Poppy Syndrome, Livy, Tarquin the Proud, & The Tall Poppy Syndrome, and Last but not Least! Politics and The Tall Poppy Syndrome.

Here's the podcast:

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